Program Overview

 Why Rondeau Yacht Club?

It is a Rondeau Yacht Club tradition to plan exciting and fulfilling summers for all who partake in Club activites.  Here at Rondeau Yacht Club, we take great pride in the quality of our programs, and place participant safety as our first priority.  Our wonderful staff will teach your children skills they will use for a lifetime, in a fun environment that will make their summer unforgettable.

The RYC provides a positive atmosphere for learning whether you are new to water sports, looking to improve your skills, or going for that competitive edge.  All of our instructors are highly motivated, and nationally certified in their area of expertise.

Rondeau Yacht Club youth programs begin as soon as school is out for the “summer recess”, runs for eight (8) weeks, and finishes two weeks before Labour Day weekend.  The actual opening and closing dates are calendar dependant, and thus vary from year to year.  Depending on the age of your child, a day at RYC could include Sailing, Swimming, Canoeing and Windsurfing lessons as well as working on crafts, playing games and learning about the Rondeau ecosystem.

There are many “membership” options for children, adults and families.  Being a not-for-profit organization allows us to operate on a break-even budget, and thus permits us to offer very reasonable membership fees for all who wish to be a part of our Yacht Club life.

Full program membership options include seasonal, monthly and weekly, with price breaks for multiple children families.  We also offer single activity plans with rates varying for each activity.  Please check our Registration page for more information.

For the current years calendar which includes opening and closing days, special events, and the current rate schedule, please contact RYC via any of the methods listed on our website’s contact page or view the document below.



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