Windsurfing Program

SL Windsurfing


Windsurfing, a recent addition to the RYC program, has long been enjoyed in the waters of Rondeau Bay.  The first windsurfer appeared on the Bay in the early 80’s, and the popular sport in Rondeau has grown steadily since.  While sitting on the RYC deck overlooking the Bay, it is not uncommon on a windy, southwest day, to see dozens of windsurfers skimming across the waves.

The RYC’s Learn to Windsurf program teaches participants the necessary theory and practical skills that will enable most people to be up and sailing in just a couple of hours.  In addition, the windsurfing equipment that RYC uses for instruction is the best teaching equipment available today, and as in all RYC programs, our Windsurfing Instructors are experienced and fully certified.

RYC Brochure 2019


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